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    Our SwitchNAServer or QNAP QGD-1600P Review

    Any chance you folks will take a look at this? SDLeary
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    ASRock Rack W480D4U W-1200

    I haven't seen them described as HEDT; I've seen them described as Entry or Light (the term AsrockRack uses) workstations. AFAICT simply higher end Core parts with ECC added. I think this is possibly something to simply avoid what happened with the last batch came out. Didn't they have two...
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    ASRock Rack W480D4U W-1200

    The articles that I have read have made it sound like the E's are going to be the server parts; so there is the possibility that this is just a re-badging of the workstation parts in a bifurcation of the line that was already there.
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    Zen 2 based EPYC Embedded speculation

    OK, that makes sense. When I read it, for some reason I interpreted simply back panel (there are some gaming boards out there with a crazy amount of back panel USB). And I didn't take into account the BMC, as you say because its internally wired. Also, on my main machine, I've been using...
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    Zen 2 based EPYC Embedded speculation

    Silly (but serious) question, but what are you using USB for? Storage? Audio processing? I find it hard to wrap my head around why people need more that four to six USB ports, and most that do can remedy the situation with a USB Hub/Switch. SDLeary
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    AsrockRack x570d4i-2T

    Looks like Asrock is finally making this one official and visible (other than a placard). Anyone out there heard any peeps on when it might actually be available? This looks like it could be right up the ally for a small, relatively inexpensive home/lab server. Perhaps a review will be seen...
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    All this talk of 64 core ROME EPYC 2 but...

    @Patrick, I know its still early days, but any trickle of information on an EPYC 3xx2 Series?? SDLeary
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    How to use the Oculink on Supermicro Motherboards

    Has anyone found a decent m.2 adapter to hang off one of these? SDLeary
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    Now, about this Cobalt Qube 3 of mine...

    Have you looked at anything on embedded side of things? mini-STX, 3.5", nano-ITX, NUC. Some options out there with i5's. Depending on the board, you might be able to retain the LCD status display.
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    Supermicro X11SCA X11SCA-W and X11SCA-F for Xeon E-2100 Workstations

    Patrick, In the article, its stated that only the -F has a BMC with IPMI, and this is supported by the pictures. However, in the spec listings, each is listed as having the Aspeed 2500. Thanks Much SDLeary
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    Hackintosh - do I go Supermicro, Tyan, Intel, or ...?

    And... This is the other main Hackintosh site. Probably a little better if you end up not using Gigabyte hardware. SDLeary Ninjaed! by _alex
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    2.5" 2TB drives for NAS use

    Watch out for the backup drives, depending on what you want your NAS to do. They are good for cold-ish storage, but not hammering them (random writes). Many of the newer ones are SMR (shingled magnetic recording) rather than PMR, and they do poorly with lots of small writes. SDLeary
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    New Xeon-Ds

    Boo! Was Feb17 Intels Q3'17? Or was this a delayed release because of the various bug issues in other lines that cropped up? In all, looks like 5 processors. Two quads (1513N and 1523N), a hex (1533N), and two octas (1543N) and (1553N). SDLeary
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    New Xeon-Ds

    Looks like Intel has or will release some new D-15xx models. All the new ones listed on ARK have an N appendage, and as far as I can tell all include QuickAssist and have higher prices. Anyone out there have any more info? Is this really the only change in 2 years? SDLeary
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    Supermicro Denverton Motherboards

    Anyone seen any boards listed yet with more than a x2 M.2 slot? SDLeary