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    Basement Relay Switches

    Yep, my core installation is on the basement (where the ISP fiber come to, with servers and switches) After that, i want to deliver a network to : - the ground floor (living room, the office room) - the upstairs (children's bedrooms) At the upstairs, i want one "uplink" cable from the...
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    Basement Relay Switches

    Will it be mostly silent ? I have (on the servers room) theses ones: Quanta LB4M Gnodal GS4008 Mellanox SX6036 None of theses can be used on living rooms because they do to much noise... How much noise do brocade ones ?
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    Basement Relay Switches

    Hi, I want to install small switches in my basement at differents locations Ideally i want small switches that must be quiet and offer multi-gig connectivity (at least 2.5Gbps RJ45) I will buy 3 switchs (can be a mix) For now i studies theses switches: Unifi USW-Flex-XG 4x RJ45 10Gbps 1x...
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    Which "external" box for accomodate a a2u8x25s3phs

    No, I dropped this idea because it was a bit too complicated for my taste.
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    How bad can your SMART numbers be on a used HD before you refuse it?

    So from my perspective I'm really aware from the "Elements in grown defect list" A no-zero value is a no go for me. In your case it's OK. For the high corrected ECC read values, i would perform such things like badblocks (write+read) and rerun a long smartctl to see how theses values...
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    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    yes i expected a bit less... I will using them in a zfs (mirror + stripping) so i will have redundancy. At this time they (4x 10Tb) will replace Seagate SAS drives (8x 3Tb) from 2012. Theses have huge power on hours (but very low read/writes compared to the 10 tb ones) The future will say if...
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    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    my batch is around 200Tb to 380Tb written for up to 27k hours. Disks have small reads so they were used for sure for archives / backups I will test them now.
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    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    RTX4000, it's a killer machine ^^ too costly for me... I'm going more onto p400 (relatively cheap) and will not having more than 3 transcodes at a time I juste have no experience in GPU Passthrough for plex. I think i will give a try to a P400
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    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    i jumped into the train. Which nvidia card do you recommand for hardware transcoding (in a vm server passthrough) that take only a 1 PCiE slot ?
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    EU deprecated - [FS] 100G Networking stuff

    nice stuffs. My home lab is too small for having any benefit (regarding the cost) to jump on the 100Gb. I already had difficulties to saturate 40Gb links But for real networks theses switches are awesomes.
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    EU SuperMicro 2U 24x SFF NVMe X11

    So, all feedbacks are good ? This box is very attractive (except costly scalable cpus) ! @Iaroslav, switching with the X10DRU-i+ was a pain or it was quite simple ?
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    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    i bought 5 for 130$/ea
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    FS: UniFi XG-16, Mellanox SX6036 & SN2700

    yes sexy... (that is let me thinking that ours minds are a bit crazy...) but too much for me even if it is so sexy.
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    Updated: 10-08-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs PRICE CUT on EPYCS!!

    I bought Hynix DDR4 in qty, received them well packaged and all works fine !! I have now a FreeNas Box with 256Gb and my Proxmox Box with 384 Gb !! Thanks.
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    Custom storage plugins for Proxmox

    I reply to an old thread But i was playing again with freenas + proxmox, so i read again what i wrote few years back and posted on this thread. In the meantime, i checked if it is always needed and if Proxmox didn't included some native stuffs like this for doing ISCSI with freenas. What a...