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    [MN] 5+ racks of Servers and Components for sale

    I may be interested in some 32/64GB DDR4 RDIMMs depending on price. I'm local (in the New Brighton area). May be interested in HDDs/SSDs too potentially if you get a list of stuff.
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    Adaptec/Microsemi SmartHBA 2100 4i4e SAS3 12Gbps $125 - works great w/ ZFS, ESXi 7, can do RAID or HBA on same card

    What size cache for the RAID operations (or does it even have any)? Can it do RAID 6? Can it pull 500MBps+ for RAID 5/6 writes? I may be interested in one possibly
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    SOLD: FS (US-CO): Price DROP: Qty (0) HGST SS200 1.92TB 2.5” SAS3 SSD All drives sold.

    Still looking for a trade for some Intel DC S3500 1.6TB for these? I have 2 on them and would be interested in a trade. EDIT: Trade pending shipping on Monday for 2x S3500 1.6TB for 2x of OP's HGSTs
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    FS: 2 Supermicro Dual Node Twin Servers

    Howdy! I am selling 2 Supermicro "dual" node servers. I put dual in quotation marks because they can do 3 or 4 nodes as well (the second set of power buttons is covered by plastic pieces that come off easy with a flathead). I personally have run a 2+1 config using a fat node for storage and two...
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    Canada [WTB] 3x Sandy/Ivy 1U servers (or a 2U quad)

    I actually am keeping the chassis that have X9 nodes, sorry. I only have the chassis themselves (and the metal sleds for nodes) left.
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    Canada [WTB] 3x Sandy/Ivy 1U servers (or a 2U quad)

    I have two or three 2U two node Supermicro servers. I have 1-2 X9's and an X8 (the X8 can be upgraded to X9 for cheap though, the chassis are compatible). I'm in USA/MN so shipping may be a bit and idk about customs but I'd be willing to ship. I am looking for ~$200 USD + shipping for the X8...
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    WTB: QTY 8 Oracle F80 800GB PCIe Flash Accelerators

    I have 4 of them that I may be open to selling soon, I'll let you know if I do
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    Is it possible to get these SAS Hitachi drives to work on a "normal" system?

    Can you please share the commands used? Any idea if there's a way to make these work in Windows?
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    BPN-SAS-827B compatible with X9 nodes?

    I'm looking to put 4 X9 nodes in a 6026 chassis and wondering if the BPN-SAS-827B will work for X9 nodes. I know the SFF chassis (24x2.5") uses the same model backplane BPN-SAS-217HQ for the 6026 and 6027, but the LFF chassis are different... Any help would be appreciated!
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    Supermicro X9DRT-HF no disks found, LSI BPN-ADP-SAS2-H6iR

    Hey not to dig up an old thread, but can you confirm that the BPN-SAS-827B works with the X9DRT-HF? I am looking at buying a 6026TT-BTRF chassis which is designed for the X8 nodes, and want to know if the X9 nodes work. Thanks!
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    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    Should be close enough. Thanks!
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    Dell PowerEdge C8220 Build and Questions

    Hi all, new to the thread. Can anyone tell me if the C6220 node/mobo is the exact same size as the C6100? I am thinking of buying a case for a C6220 here: Promotion DELL C6100 DIY tower chassis 1366 silent tower server empty chassis Thanks!
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    Hi all, I'm popping into this thread to ask if the C6100 chassis will work with C6220 nodes. Anyone know if they're compatible?