FS: 2 Supermicro Dual Node Twin Servers


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Feb 23, 2017
Howdy! I am selling 2 Supermicro "dual" node servers. I put dual in quotation marks because they can do 3 or 4 nodes as well (the second set of power buttons is covered by plastic pieces that come off easy with a flathead). I personally have run a 2+1 config using a fat node for storage and two slim nodes for Hyper-V hosts.

For sale:
Two chassis (1 LFF, 1 SFF) and some nodes.

2x X9 Nodes - Come with LFF chassis - NOTE: chassis does not come with trays. Comes with E5-2620 or E5-2620V2 CPUs.

2x X8 Nodes - Come with SFF chassis. - NOTE: chassis comes with all 24 trays. Comes with 6 core LGA1366 CPUs (X5660 I think)

1x set of rails

Prices (without shipping, I am in MN if you are local):

$320 for SFF chassis with X8 nodes and rails ($270 without rails)

$440 for LFF chassis with X9 nodes and rails ($370 without rails)

I also have drives and PCIe SSDs (Sun Oracle F80 and F40 cards), and other misc. parts so if you are looking for specific configs or have a use case let me know.

I have one more SFF chassis with X9 nodes I'd be open to selling if you are looking to buy more than one chassis.

Prices are negotiable, also open to trades. Payment via local cash or PayPal G&S only. Shipping will be via Fedex with insurance.

I can get pictures or exact model #s if needed, these chassis are compatible with X8 and X9 nodes so the model numbers don't really matter. Let me know if you have questions!