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    EU WTB cheap Xeon+MB bundle x3

    Refurbished Servers, PCs, Workstations & Parts | Bargain Hardware Usually they have lots of options...
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    Windows Server : Rejoining new domain with same name, keeping profiles

    ForensiT Free Downloads Use Profile Wizard I've used few time (not recently) doing exactly what you need. It basically do afix the sid & permission of the profile (not copying it) and this can be confusing (and someone lost the profile not following exactly the instructions..
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    On aruba you've configured the default gateway as ? On tplink fw you' have routed the 192.168.98.x/24 and 192.168.99.x/24 network to (the aruba)? The tplink fw is able to have multiple subnet on the LAN side? But if you need to access from .15 network reliably some...
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    any idea how to add VPN client to Server 20016 Core/Hyper-v Core

    the availibility on azure marketplace made me think that was hyper-v compatible.... let us know if it works
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    testing raid controller

    IOmeter is a classic but i do for what i've seen in the doc "Iometer does not perform data verification to make sure the data was read/written properly" So not exactly what i search, a memtest-like stress test (not for testing ALL disk obviously 8-))))
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    testing raid controller

    Any idea about a tool (windows) to test storage validation before putting in production? What i'm searching is something like Memtest but for disk. For now the only tools that i've found to stress test is SQLIOSIM. From what i've understood not only perform a lot of I/O but also do check the...
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    any idea how to add VPN client to Server 20016 Core/Hyper-v Core

    Veeam has a free tool (Veeam PN) that they've developed for your need. Never used but the guy usually nailed it.
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    E5-2667 V2 Error

    I've grabbed on e-bay a E5-2667 V2 but give me some problem... The computer do not POST This was tested on 2 different S2600CP4, one of wich was already running the same CPU type. in ipmi log i've found this message 08/02/2019-12:43:48 Power Unit, Pwr Unit Status (#0x1)...
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    Mellanox 354A Pro $40

    if you wont to dig in the hyperconvergent architecture like microsoft storage space direct (even if also work with rocev1) and (if i recall correctly) nutanix ce, so yes.
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Ill'work only to check if vlans are correctly setup and it's not an IAP problem. Your config worked with Cisco?
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    I wuold setup a port as access port on VLAN100 untagged on both switch, and test. with a pc if i get ip address and work as expected. When this work the move on on IAP config for wifi.
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    SuperMicro x9drd-7ln4f-jbod Rev 1.02 @ $142

    That's exactly what I have called "overblown" tooo 8-)))) At the time, when i've made the same consideration (1 and half year ago) i've choose another machine over HP because, for the prices and the already analyzed considerations HP was not a bargain (especially in EU) And i live installing...
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    SuperMicro x9drd-7ln4f-jbod Rev 1.02 @ $142

    i do not know about Dell but with HP CON you must use HP hard drive or the box start screaming. Even ram can be picky. CPU support i really do not know (never tried) Hard disk cannot be used in non RAID mode without an additional HBA Cannot install more than 16 drives and require proprietary...
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    HP/Aruba AP-315 for $240 in CDW Outlet

    Yes they require a controller. IAP model have an integrated peer to peer controller. look on ebay and you can find real bargain like IAP-135 has 3x3 antenna and dual band (no AC speed) and you can find'em used for 30 bucks (usually without AC adapter because most of installations uses poe...
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    Another S2600CP4 Ram question

    I've managed to expand 3 of these (single CPU) from 64GB 4*16 PC3-12800R 2Rx4 to 128GB adding 4*16GB PC3-14900E 2Rx4 with mixed results. Now they are running with different speed on same channel, but 1 of the system gave RAM problem on a RAM stick so that an entire channel do not work, problem...