E5-2667 V2 Error


Nov 19, 2015
I've grabbed on e-bay a E5-2667 V2 but give me some problem...
The computer do not POST

This was tested on 2 different S2600CP4, one of wich was already running the same CPU type.

in ipmi log i've found this message

08/02/2019-12:43:48 Power Unit, Pwr Unit Status (#0x1) CRITICAL event: Pwr Unit Status reports there has been a soft power control failure. Integrated BMC - LUN#0 (Channel#0)
2110 08/02/2019-12:43:49 Voltage, VR Watchdog (#0xB) CRITICAL event: VR Watchdog reports it has been asserted.

It seem to me that is a CPU power initialization problem right?

The seller had it tested on a ASRock X79 Extreme9, maybe these have a more beefed VRM for overclocking.

There is also a capacitor with a "scratch" that my hardcore hardware guy tell me can be a problem (and offered me to replace... he develop and cpu board for a living...) but i've been unable to find specs about these suckers.

Any had similar experiences/advice (other than return it :cool:)))

At this moment i'm having so much fun (watching the guy analyze the CPU under a microscope and testing the board... very cool ) that the idea of fix a CPU (yea, let someone fix it) is somewhat appealing...

PS: i Have 2 E5-2603 V2 than can be used for parts...
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