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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    Sounds good! This looks like Intel may be competitive up to AMD TR PRO 3975WX which would be great. As always the question will be price...
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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    3.7GHz on all 32 cores? Wow! But, well, if turbo is 4.0GHz only, then there is only 300MHz difference between max single-thread perf and max multi-thread perf and that in the same power envelope. I'm curious what is IceLake holding back to not be able to turbo much higher on 1 core when 32 cores...
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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    twitter use @hxl uploaded workstation cpus presentation: Second slide claims that maximum frequency will be 4.0 GHz which is +300MHz higher than top-class server chips now. This may make sense to upgrade W-32xx line of chips which ends on 4.4 GHz, but probably is out of luck with W-22xx which...
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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    Wow! Indeed, they removed it. It was probably slashdotted by Tomshardware article: Intel Xeon W-3335 'Ice Lake-SP' Benchmarked -- and since this is probably still under some form of NDA, they removed it. Read tomshardware for benchmark results notes.
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    Workstation Xeon W (Ice Lake variant).

    Looks like Intel is preparing also workstation Xeon W-33xx variant of Ice Lake Xeons. Puget Systems does have W-3335 in their benchmark database from yesterday: This is indeed interesting move...
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    Ice Lake - SP boards.

    Looks like Supermicro, ASrock, Gigabyte and others come with a set of quite nice boards for Ice Lake SP. It's interesting that for such -- by analysts envisioned -- short live product such companies invest that much. I also think that both Rocket Lake and Ice Lake SP are just stop gap solutions...
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    Future Xeons: up to 20 cores up to 150W

    First of all, this is a new HPC-COM standard, so board is with connectors to carrier board. Pictures here: Embedded Computing | Kontron Embedded Computers Anyway, I think you may be completely right that this is for next gen communication Xeon (D-xxxx). I have not thought about that. I was...
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    Future Xeons: up to 20 cores up to 150W

    Looks like various documents about a new COM-HPC standard are already published and for example Kontron seems to prepare server kind board 160x160mm in the standard and specs. published is: Size D form factor – 160 x 160 mm Nextgen Intel® Xeon® U p to 20 cores, processor TDP up to 120 W...
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    If your workload is AVX512 enabled and really using it, then go with Rocket, otherwise go with Zen3. E.g. although AVX512 power consumption on Rocket attacks 300W it still is able to very much wipe the floor with Zen3 and if counted, then is also very power efficient for the performance...
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    SuperMicro X9 E3 boards - December 31, 2020 BIOS bug

    Sorry to be picky about it, but Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Also the psychological phenomenon is not known as Helsinki Syndrome, but Stockholm Syndrome and indeed Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Interesting reading about it is on wikipedia: Stockholm syndrome - Wikipedia
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    Ryzen w/ DDR4 Ecc unbuffered

    If you'd like to have ECC RAM support for sure like for example in Intel's Xeon domain, then I would recommend to go epyc route. For small NAS it may be epyc 3000 and you may be happy. Or, you may aswell use some ryzen embedded/industrial board from trusted manufacturer if you have any. But...
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    best heatsink (4U) for 2xEpyc 280W

    Indeed, looks like I've pretty badly read original question. Thanks for correction!
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    Fanless Xeon-W build.

    I added a paragraph about temps and throttling to original post.
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    best heatsink (4U) for 2xEpyc 280W

    Well, Noctua claims compatibility of NH-U14S TR4-SP3 with TR 3960x/3970x which are both 280W TDP CPUs so you may give it a try...
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    Dual AMD EPYC 7742 workstation build

    Fans are fans, but what about pump noise? Isn't it quite noticeable too? Thanks!