Ice Lake - SP boards.


Jan 29, 2020
Looks like Supermicro, ASrock, Gigabyte and others come with a set of quite nice boards for Ice Lake SP. It's interesting that for such -- by analysts envisioned -- short live product such companies invest that much. I also think that both Rocket Lake and Ice Lake SP are just stop gap solutions for Intel and the real solution to "AMD" problem may come with Alder Lake/Sapphire Rapids but I'm not that optimistic that it happen 2021 as noted by many. I think we may as well end with situation like with Ice Lake which sold for >1/2 year before even announced to general public. If that happen with Sapphire Rapids, then it's more about 2H2022 product and then Ice Lake may not be that short lived at the end...


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Jan 6, 2016
Going to agree here, But some people will for sure take the risk and keep using 2nd gen ‘R’ refresh parts and wait.

Certainly in a lot of situations we have only a pair of 220v 32amp PDU’s per rack so the last thing we need is higher consumption! In this case a wait is maybe an option.