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    U.3 connectors / MB connectors.

    Thanks for the info! Mostly went with CD6 since it seemed like the best I could buy that was readily available - for VM drives that shouldn't be that heavily written to. Seemed to beat consumer drives, have PLP, and decently large sizes - I bought two from wiredzone, 7.68TB for $1161 each. I...
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    U.3 connectors / MB connectors.

    Thanks! That's exactly the info I needed.
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    U.3 connectors / MB connectors.

    Was considering the Kioxia CD6 drives for a workstation build. I've got the WS-WRX80E-SAGE-SE-WIFI mb. I've heard that U.3 is different than U.2, but can't figure out what I'd need to connect these drives either to this board or to a standard m.2 slot.
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    How to make SuperMicro 946ED-R2KJBOD quieter?

    First I've heard about these, this is great. Was originally looking at exiling computer gear to the dryer room and taking over the dryer vent, but this might be a better route.
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    Epyc Milan pricing - educated guesses so far

    Anyone have suggestions on where to actually buy one of these?
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    truenas with new intel p5800x optane

    Where are you sourcing the p5800x from? Been trying to get my hands on one.
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    Do EPYC Milan CPUs even exist for sale?

    Hunting for a 75F3 somewhere, but cant find any in stock
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    Server 2019 on TRX40?

    Wild guess, but I'd try installing windows pro/workstation, let that find drivers, then copy those over to the win 2019 install.
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    Windows 10 failed to initialise Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT :(

    FWIW, I have yet to get these mellanox cards to work reliably for me on my windows z490 machine.
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    Linux Desktop in Docker Running in 60 Seconds

    Could consider looking at QubesOS instead?
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    New Intel Optane P5800X 100 DWPD SSD Dominates PCIe Gen4

    Where can I buy one in the US?