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    Proxmox networks

    I'm relatively new to Proxmox and I'm looking for insight on proper setup of Proxmox networking. It seems there are various networks that need to be considered. Admin (gui/ssh), cluster (corosync), storage, migration/replication, external network for guest VM's, and maybe more I'm missing. What...
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    S3500 480GB $129

    Any opinion on grabbing one of these as a cheap SSD for laptop(s)? I'm ashamed to say I've never used a datacenter drive in a laptop, primarily samsung evo drives or something else cheap. But these look like a decent option.
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    FreeNAS Corral dataset replication

    Corral replication still requires snapshots, correct? I'd imagine if no snapshot job is setup it won't actually perform a replication. I wonder if people are forgetting to do that? I haven't had a chance to test the Corral release (have two 9.10 systems in production and can't risk any issues...
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    My favorite thread so far in the proxmox forums

    I do not like running docker in a VM. Completely counter intuitive and I think it is a poor trend honestly. Fine for "development" but completely backwards for production. There are many reasons why I feel this way (performance, provisioning, management, visibility, and more) that have been...
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    LSI 3008 SW Controller

    Why don't you just setup storage spaces on the Hyper-V host? No need to passthrough the drives to windows server. I've used the 3008 controller to setup a Hyper-V Server 2016 host using Storage Spaces (tiered storage of 2SSD in RAID1 +4HDD in RAID10) and it works fine.
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    ProxMox vs OMV vs UnRaid vs Debian/Centos w/ Docker + KVM vs Rancher

    Was looking at RancherOS (had not heard of it before). Seems they have the ability to run KVM VM's wrapped inside a Docker container, which is neat. What types of storage is supported by RancherOS? I'm seeing some references to EXT4 and ZFS support. With ZFS that sounds like a really nice combo...
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    Interested in SmartOS/FIFO - migration from ESXi experiences?

    I feel like I (or somebody) should make video tutorials on setting up and testing all the things you can do with Triton. Been messing with it for the past few months and have worked through many of the initial steps I didn't understand. Like creating windows VM image/template, migrating running...
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    Azure Stack preview now up.

    From what I read a while back people are not happy with MS about Azure Stack. They decided to change the way they will release Azure stack (and pushed the release date back). So instead of a software only release they are going with an appliance release. So you won't be able to run on any...
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    R2224GZ4GC4 E5 v1/v2 24x2.5 Barebones HINT

    Ah, ok. I don't have any 12gbps disk to try myself but seem likely. I'm assuming you can get SAS3 speeds through the SAS2 backplane in a supermicro A series model with the SFF-8087 connectors? I've not heard or seen anyone run SAS3 through a SAS2 backplane on these Intels though. I know 1:1...
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    R2224GZ4GC4 E5 v1/v2 24x2.5 Barebones HINT

    Intel RAID controllers only work in Intel Servers. Given the same exact controllers for the same exact money, I'd always choose the LSI (non-Intel) model simply because you can move them to whatever server you want (Supermicro, HP, Dell, etc). Some of the Intel controllers however can be had...
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    R2224GZ4GC4 E5 v1/v2 24x2.5 Barebones HINT

    I'm not sure what you are saying. Obviously if you are using a 6Gbps backplane that will limit your disks and controllers as the connection passes through it. My statement was to the use of an expander in these types of cases. There is a strong possibility (depending on the expander used) that...
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    R2224GZ4GC4 E5 v1/v2 24x2.5 Barebones HINT

    I bought 3 of these a few months back for $500/each from their old listing HERE. Work related purchase. $500 was the lowest offer he was accepting on them at the time (I tried various offers up to $490 at the time). I really wanted to get them for what I spent on the 12bay versions he was...
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    Joyent Triton/SDC/SmartOS discussion

    So, I figured out where my issues are, just not sure why or how to solve it just yet. It's not virtio's fault after all. After getting Windows installed I ran SYSPREP to make that "golden image" for provisioning. Well turns out that the reason I couldn't connect to the VM (over RDP) using the...
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    Joyent Triton/SDC/SmartOS discussion

    So there has to be something wrong with virtio drivers in this setup. I'm recreating the image again to test some stuff out. If I set a static IP address in W2012R2, it works. DHCP just fails though. SmartOS handles DHCP for these interfaces mind you. I tried the virtio drivers that are signed...
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    Joyent Triton/SDC/SmartOS discussion

    I asked in IRC about adding a vNIC to a CN. Response was; "the CN will not plumb an interface to external in the GZ by default; instances you spin up on the CN can have external interfaces, but we don't plumb an interface on the CN for external." The CN themselves don't show an external IP and...