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    Best SSD deal 2019 3200GB for 250 USD

    Can someone post some 4K benchmarks?
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    EU HP ProLiant DL380e G8 25 SFF bays £96.99 / 14LFF £113.99 OBO

    I dont like the CPU tho' (E5-2420)
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    EU FS: Dell R7910 and Dell Alienware Aurora R6

    I'm also willing to negotiate on prices. Keen to get these sold and move on to another projects. R7910 can also use Xeon E5-4xxx v3-v4 CPUs with updated bios.
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    EU FS: Dell R7910 and Dell Alienware Aurora R6

    Dell R7910 - 950€ 1x E5-2603v3. Other slot empty. (2 x Heat Sink Included) 32GB ECC (2 x DDR4 2133MHz Hynix 16GB) 2 x HGST HP branded Hitachi 480GB SSD SAS3 2.5" (not attached) PERC H330 Raid + cable (not attached) 1x1100W PSU 4x1G NIC Rails included Bezel: No Could convert to bare bones and...
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    EU Tyan 2U POWER8 (TN71-BP012) - 299€

    I wonder how loud are those?
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    (back instock) - 480g hgst SSD (sas3) - 60-75$ offer accepted!

    Just made an offer of 6 for $55 each and got countered for $60. I instantly accepted. I've had the 100gb and 200gb versions of these and they've been really solid. (and tip to you all that are living in the EU, I'm using MyUS to forward the packages and it works just great).
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    Supermicro X9DRD 1U chassis 126 USD

    Oh no, the seller has blocked provided street address :(
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    SuperMicro A1SRI-2558F Mini-ITX Motherboard $110 + ship

    I don't see any negative feedback yet. 6 of 6 were DOA?
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    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    Have you tried to look the VEN_&DEV_ of that particular device via google?
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    EU Intel Server 2U, LGA 2011-3, Xeon E5 V3 / V4 C612, DDR4, SAS3, 10Gbe, 26 x 2,5", R2224WTTYS @600€

    ES Support will be tricky on all branded servers. For best compatibility, use the late revision of the QS (not ES) chips plus the newest BIOS. Before buying the CPU, ask the CPU seller if your system is compatible with the CPU, not the server seller. They really know their stuff.
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    WTB few Xeon Phi X200

    Hi, I'm looking for the X200 series :)
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    WTB few Xeon Phi X200

    Looking for a few SC7210P or better to play around. I'm also interested on mobo+phi setups.
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    2TB SSD $270

    Has anyone bought from rakuten? I only find bad reviews..
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    DELL QLOGIC 57810 DP 10GB BT NA LP - $90

    I had Perc H310 raid controller and only way to boot up the system was to tape it (this is not my image, but similar case). Just want to be sure before making an order :)