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    Red Hat Goes Full IBM and Says Farewell to CentOS

    I am really wondering what this means for RHEL. To me it looks that IBM wants RHEL to focus on other products that support the IBM product portfolio. RHEL is part of what they got when they bought RedHat but was more of a burden than advantage for them. RHEL is for IBM only interesting as a...
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    Hot Chips 32 (2020) Coverage

    I was wondering why you wrere looking so worn out on the latest videos... Thanks, there was a lot of intersting stuff. I especially like the Power10 article
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    Of BBQ and Virtualization Why Large Nodes Reign

    I loved it. I like the somewhat informal tone, still giving some good food for thought... Are you inviting all STH users to the party?
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    Redoing network, looking for L3 switch recommendation and comments

    On the Mikrotik forum I saw today that the CRS317 will get L3 hardware offloading support. I have seen no figures for the real througput on them. See: Manual:CRS3xx series switches - MikroTik Wiki
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    R320 with H330/730 MM has most if not all deprecated drivers. If you know the name of the kernel driver you need, check if they have that driver for C8... So probably there is no need to replace the H310
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    1Gb Switches with 10Gb Uplinks?

    Instead of the CSS/CRS326/ CRS317 combo you may also want to look at the CRS328: 4 SFP ports + 24 1G ports with POE.
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    Double NAT headache, any solutions?

    If using a single /24 range is ok, you could let the modem do the NAT. If you then turn DHCP off on the Asus you could connect the LAN connection of the Asus to the switch, ecffectively bridging the Wifi on the asus to the of the modem. The modem will then provide DHCP to the...
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    MikroTik CRS Switch Cost Analysis Q2 2020

    I really miss the CRS328 in this overview: 4 10Gb ports + 24 POE 1Gb ports, is that model not available in the US? With 4 10Gb ports it might fit a lot of cases where the CRS305 is just too small, and you need additional 1 Gb ports, especially with POE. It has served me pretty well in my home...
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    How to tell whats new?

    Thanks! This looks much more like it was before. I am happy
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    I really miss this in my workflow. Is there chance we get this back?
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    What happened to the forums?

    @Patrick: I am ok with the changes, but miss the unread messages counter at the top of the screen :cool:
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    New Home Build Wiring Recommendations 2020 Edition

    If I look at all the STH reviews for SFP+ to 10Gbase-T modules, none seem to support more than 30M. I would therefore make sure that the longest run is less than 30M if you want to run 10Gb. Or am I missing something? I am running 10Gb over 7M Cat5, and that seems to work, but seems to be on...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 lost Connection after Hyper-V Installation on other NIC

    Your problem may be related to STP: is there a loop between the i350 and the Mellanox where a switch decides to block the Mellanox?
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    Need recommendations for Wifi access point

    I have one VLAN for Unifi management: the APs and the controller connect over that vlan, and nothing else. Each SSID has its own VLAN separate from management. I do allow SSH into the management VLAN for access to the APs as convenience (although I could even logon through the controller VM...
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    Ubiquiti UniFi USW-Leaf Overview 48x 25GbE and 6x 100GbE Switch

    I really don't get this product: why did they release it in the Unifi line (which I associate with prosumer/SMB and not datacentre) instead of Edgemax. Edgemax does have on-board management with HTTP(s). Just remove the display and add a 1Gb management port and use edgemax (if they do not want...