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    Spice Server failure prevents auto-start of guest

    See below. This was created via the Cockpit-Machines Web interface mind you. Additionally, for the other VM guests I have that ARE auto-starting, what I did was remove the section of code... <graphics type='spice' autoport='yes' listen=''> <listen type='address'...
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    Spice Server failure prevents auto-start of guest

    This error is driving me nuts and I can't seem to figure out why it's failing. I've got a basic install of Debian Buster with qemu/libvirt and am utilizing Cockpit as the simple server mgmt UI. VM creation and everything works fine via Cockpit and even using the console within the web ui works...
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    Re-thinking my ESXi homelab storage setup...but to what?

    Much like when I was a kid and had random urges to switch up my room, I've suddenly had the desire to re-evaluate my storage setup on my homelab server and I'm wondering what I should really do based upon my use. I'll first start with the setup: E3-1230v5 32GB DDR4 RAM LSi 9211-8i in IT Mode...
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    Welp everything is back to operating as expected. Re-enabled passthrough, configured my CentOS VM and viola, there they be! The real trick now will be when I power it down and then power it back up to see what happens. Its the powering off that in the past has caused some weird instability...
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    Full power down. Remove 9211 card from top PCIe slot down 1 to second slot. Re-seat the cables. Power it back up...drives are reported successfully after waiting several minutes (why the heck does it take so long to get this thing to boot?)... Let ESXi boot up and look in the storage devices...
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    Now I cant get ESXi to even toggle passthrough mode off. I think I'm going to try and move the card to a different pci slot and see what happens.
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    I tried updating the Grub2 boot config and no go... Here's a more detailed output from DMESG: [ 1.247397] sd 3:0:5:0: [sdf] Attached SCSI disk [ 1.247415] sd 3:0:1:0...
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    I'll check tonight for other errors but when you say add it as a boot parameter do you mean in the VM advanced settings? One other note is I tried attaching the card to a Windows server 2016 install and it has a similar problem where it could see the card but not "activate it".
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    LSI 9211-8i IT Mode getting driver error and no drives are available CentOS

    I seem to be having an intermittent problem (potentially related to an update although I cant figure out which one) with my recently purchased LSI 9211-8i. The card came pre-flashed into IT mode and after installing it in my ESXi 6.5 server and passing it through to my NAS install (I use...
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    New Icy Dock 6 bay and not sure what HBA will be optimal

    I've been lucky enough to obtain 6x800GB SSD drives which I will be adding to my ESXi home server but I'm a bit lost as to what add on card I should really get so that I can successfully pass through the card to a CentOS host running a BTRFS raid setup (which then hosts an NFS export for further...
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    Hyper-V events showing up in Event Viewer but Hyper-V role/features not installed...huh?

    So while doing some troubleshooting of my Windows 10 host I noticed that a process in task manager -- VMMEM -- that was eating up about 1GB of RAM at login for a little while and then it seems to disappear. After some quick Googling it seems that the VMMEM process is related to Hyper-V...
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    Disk passthrough the same as HBA passthrough?

    I've set up my homelab ESXi server to have 4 WD-Reds 'raw device mapped' to a NAS vm (the base OS vmdk is hosted on the ESXi datastore) which IMO is analogous to performing a passthrough as the VM essentially acts like it has full/direct access to the raw physical disk. I've been successfully...
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    PSU calculators accurate?

    I have a mini itx build with a Ryzen 5 1600, 2x8gb DDR4, 2xSSDs, and currently a GTX 970 all on a 450w SFX PSU. I just managed to snag a GTX 1080 (for MSRP!) and while it appears based on all the PSU calculators out there I've got plenty of power headroom, I wanted to get a more experienced...
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    As a new guy in this world I don't understand these insane swings

    A couple of weeks ago the news about Korea banning crypto-currency seemed to cause a downward spiral for several days but things bounced back relatively quick. Today or at least the last 24 hours it seems just about everything is down by a notable percentage. This is again because Korea...
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    Do ya'll use public nodes for Aeon wallet?

    Just wanted to check as Im setting up my machine to get into the STH pool but didn't know if using a public node presented any risks/issues. Thanks!