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    ConnectX-3 upgrades

    I have some ConnectX-3 cards, I was curious to upgrade the firmware to the latest, probably unwise but it was an interesting prospect, so I wanted to try. My card is MCX341A-XCEN which is PSID MT_1270112023, but that one was only listed as having version 2.31.1598 of the firmware and mine was...
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    EU [WTB] 1U low-power server/pc

    You could look at the STH Tiny, Mini, Micro series, but that's not rackmount. Otherwise the Atom C3558 which is not cheap, but on the cheap side the Intel J5040 At 100W there is also the Epyc 3000 Embedded, but that's probably higher budget.
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Hi Navvie, The network card is yours if you want it. Message me with your details and the card can be yours. Bob
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    EU [WTB] Large qty of hard drives

    That's a risky backup/archive strategy if you only have a single drive with the content on. Hard disks are generally stable but over time you are likely to have mechanical and electrical issues even with stored drives. Tape helps because it has less mechanical issues.
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    EU [WTB] Large qty of hard drives

    You could try contacting the WD shop, you might be able to secure a bulk supply of either new or refurbished drives. Also how "offline" is "offline"? Because you could also consider LTO tape? If you could get an LTO-8 library machine you can store >1PB relatively easily. BL543A MSL4048...
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    @Navvie , I had someone else buying it but it fell through because of EU postage over Christmas, I have messaged them to ask if they want to try again if they say "no" then it's yours. @bobmc I'll give you the special "bob" discount of £150+postage for all three, including whatever extra cables...
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Bump because I still have stuff to sift.
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    UK Tesla K80 £199

    This looks like a pretty competitive price and the seller seems to have a quantity available. Anyone know if this can be split in Proxmox? Edit: No, this...
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    ThinkPad X1 Carbon, 7th GEN, Windows 10 , i7-866 $875

    I am not in the US and won't be buying any more computers, but I did want to say how much I love that laptop. I had one previously and they are such a pleasure to use. So have a bump from me.
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    Two PERC raid controllers - Supermicro won't boot

    Update: Replaced the PERC controllers with an ASR 71608 16i controller and it works great. My RAID controllers are now for sale in the usual place here.
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    UK [SOLD] Dell T620 w/ 2x E5-2680v2

    Just want to say thanks to @Magic8Ball for sorting me out with RAM elsewhere. He did a great deal and the transaction was smooth, endorsement from me.
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    Updating SuperMicro BIOS using SUM causes reboot

    SUM allows you to do it on a running system, I am doing it from the console, haven't dried over IP yet. Loathed to use the EFI version because I would probably need to use a USB stick which I wanted to avoid.
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    CPU Price/Performance for KVM Server & H.264 decoding

    You can export just the QSV PCIe and keep the Intel iGPU for the host if you like, so that's not an issue. I have a E-2278G with X11SCL-F and it's great, although I have had some issues with PERC card compatibility, I just replaced the PERC controller with an ASR-71608 16-port card and it's...
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    Updating SuperMicro BIOS using SUM causes reboot

    I have an X11SCL-F and I am trying to use SUM to update the BIOS as I am on v1.1 But SUM does "Reading BIOS" and when it gets to 100% the system reboots without doing the update. It feels like it's crashing? Is there some kind of lock or watchdog that I am triggering? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Dual Xeon-D

    Hi Berny, I asked Akamai if I could have access to any documentation on this motherboard and despite the fact that my company spends a huge amount of money with them and I have an NDA with them, they said they couldn't share anything about it or even acknowledge it. I never found a way to...