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    EU [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Spent all night reading through the Akamai board thread. I am very intrigued by it. I am interested in the Mikrotik as well (even though I probably shouldn't. Already spent too much on gear during lockdown....) Could you DM me with the details of payment? Also, mind telling me which platform...
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    Strange problem with two LSI SAS MegaRAID controllers

    Could also be power or signal interference. Most motherboards provide a way to read out the input voltage levels. The 12V and 5V are hopefully on the same bus as the one feeding the drives, so you can do a continuous log of those to correlate. Interference should cause command errors which...
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    GIGABYTE MB10 Datto Motherbaord Xeon D-1521 with I/O Shield - $130 + shipping

    I recently bought a working Datto NAS with the Gigabyte board and managed to get it into the no boot state by flashing the MB10-DS4 BIOS, i.e. video signal dies after the BMC initialisation screen (06). Fortunately, the backup BIOS was working on my board: I changed the undocumented jumper...
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    Need help with starting 10gb setup

    To get infiniband to work, you will need a fabric manager and an infinite amount of time to set the whole network up...
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    PCIx and SFP+

    I have a feeling the original PCI-X slot was via a bus adapter chip anyways, so this is just returning it to the original format :)
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    PCIx and SFP+

    How about a PCI-X to PCI-E adapter, e.g. PCI-X to PCIe Adapter - x16/x8/x4/x1 | You might want to check the topology of your mobo first to make sure you actually have enough bandwidth with so many devices plugged-in.
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    Thunderbolt 3 to SPF+ Options

    The last time I looked at it, there's a Chinese Thunderbolt board (single PCB) with a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot on the side and can be had for about 1000 RMB. You can see it being used as part of this Thunderbolt NVMe adapter. However, I don't think you can get that kind of price outside China. Coupled...
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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    Did anyone notice any memory bandwidth problem with the 2018 firmware? On, I can see several results with more than 6GB/s multi-core, but I only managed to achieve 3.4GB. I have upgraded the machine to the latest firmware and installed two sticks (which limits it to 1333MHz)...
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    vSan does not see disks in Gui

    Hmmm, host profiles (if you have the license) is your friend. I teardown/setup ESXi on weekly bases for tests and cannot imagine setting everything up manually.
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    ESXI 6.5, Windows 10 HTPC sleep mode or idle?

    Sorry, misunderstood. If your Windows is running on ESXi, there's no point putting it to sleep.
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    ESXI 6.5, Windows 10 HTPC sleep mode or idle?

    Most computer with a good power supply should use <1W in sleep mode and I have yet seen a standard desktop build to use less than 30W.
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    vSan does not see disks in Gui

    Try wiping all partitions from the disks using the physical disks page.
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    List of NVMe drives that support namespaces or other ways to divide one up

    Right, so I have ordered an Asus HYPER M.2 X16 CARD, and hopefully, my motherboard can handle bifurcation. Still annoyed I will end up having to order more SSDs for this evaluation.
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    List of NVMe drives that support namespaces or other ways to divide one up

    I am evaluating all-flash VMware vSAN for a 3 node cluster and the performance is abysmal even with NVMe cache disks. I think I can get better performance if I have more disk groups. However, I only have one PCIe x8 slot available and in ESXi each disk can only be claimed by one disk group, so I...
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    Ubiquiti hardware - opinions?

    The fan is barely audible when you stand next to it in a normal office environment. I'd say 40-50dB. Once in a rack, you will not know it's there.