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    Dual Xeon-D

    Non-ECC UDIMMs work fine but you cannot mix with other types. Though ECC RDIMMs are sometimes cheaper second hand.
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    and again the china and supermicro bashing continues by bloomberg

    I guess this is an ongoing investigation or the US is already engaged in equally dirty counter-measures, so they cannot officially disclose what they know. I wouldn't be surprised if the NSA learned a trick or two and is actively using it against other counties. As for the average Joe (not)...
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    and again the china and supermicro bashing continues by bloomberg

    I am security paranoid, so I am more inclined to believe it is true. I think the new article clarified a few things: 1. They stood by their claim that there are chips embedded in the motherboard PCB targeted at certain organisations. This is not as hard to pull off as people think. Just look at...
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Spent all night reading through the Akamai board thread. I am very intrigued by it. I am interested in the Mikrotik as well (even though I probably shouldn't. Already spent too much on gear during lockdown....) Could you DM me with the details of payment? Also, mind telling me which platform...
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    Strange problem with two LSI SAS MegaRAID controllers

    Could also be power or signal interference. Most motherboards provide a way to read out the input voltage levels. The 12V and 5V are hopefully on the same bus as the one feeding the drives, so you can do a continuous log of those to correlate. Interference should cause command errors which...
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    GIGABYTE MB10 Datto Motherbaord Xeon D-1521 with I/O Shield - $130 + shipping

    I recently bought a working Datto NAS with the Gigabyte board and managed to get it into the no boot state by flashing the MB10-DS4 BIOS, i.e. video signal dies after the BMC initialisation screen (06). Fortunately, the backup BIOS was working on my board: I changed the undocumented jumper...
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    Need help with starting 10gb setup

    To get infiniband to work, you will need a fabric manager and an infinite amount of time to set the whole network up...
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    PCIx and SFP+

    I have a feeling the original PCI-X slot was via a bus adapter chip anyways, so this is just returning it to the original format :)
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    PCIx and SFP+

    How about a PCI-X to PCI-E adapter, e.g. PCI-X to PCIe Adapter - x16/x8/x4/x1 | You might want to check the topology of your mobo first to make sure you actually have enough bandwidth with so many devices plugged-in.
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    Thunderbolt 3 to SPF+ Options

    The last time I looked at it, there's a Chinese Thunderbolt board (single PCB) with a PCIe 3.0 x4 slot on the side and can be had for about 1000 RMB. You can see it being used as part of this Thunderbolt NVMe adapter. However, I don't think you can get that kind of price outside China. Coupled...
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    Some information about HP T620 Plus Flexible Thin Client machines for network appliance builds...

    Did anyone notice any memory bandwidth problem with the 2018 firmware? On, I can see several results with more than 6GB/s multi-core, but I only managed to achieve 3.4GB. I have upgraded the machine to the latest firmware and installed two sticks (which limits it to 1333MHz)...
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    vSan does not see disks in Gui

    Hmmm, host profiles (if you have the license) is your friend. I teardown/setup ESXi on weekly bases for tests and cannot imagine setting everything up manually.
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    ESXI 6.5, Windows 10 HTPC sleep mode or idle?

    Sorry, misunderstood. If your Windows is running on ESXi, there's no point putting it to sleep.
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    ESXI 6.5, Windows 10 HTPC sleep mode or idle?

    Most computer with a good power supply should use <1W in sleep mode and I have yet seen a standard desktop build to use less than 30W.
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    vSan does not see disks in Gui

    Try wiping all partitions from the disks using the physical disks page.