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Hello! I'd gladly take the GPU and USB 3 card off your hands! How do you like payment? If paypal (my preferred) I'd be happy to add to the payment to cover the fees.

Thank you!

Mark S.
What brand are the Vertical wall mounts, I am wanting to mount my server case the same way.
Hi. Saw an old post of yours for this ram: M393A4K40DB3-CWE It was $140 at that time (I assume CAD).
Do you still have any left and if so how many? I need 8 and am in Toronto. Thanks.
why do you choose the QL1M ? have you bought the X11SPA and no money left ?

I recommend you take a look at the cascade lade ES2(some sellers call this QS, but this is wrong.)
QQ8B = 8C 2.8Ghz base
QQ8A = 14C 2.6Ghz base
QQ8M 16C 2.1Ghz base
QQ8Q = 18C 2.4Ghz base
QQ89 = 24C 2.2Ghz base
more expensive but no compat. issues because they share same microcode than the prod.unit prcessors.
Are you open to parting the CPU/Motherboard combos? I'm specifically interested in the 8x32GB dimms.
I have pushed the voltage to 1.425v and drawn 220w + at 4GHz it was able to keep the temps at around the 70c mark

I really didn't want to go higher on the Voltage. I don't know where the limit is and I didn't want to find out.

I run it daily at 3.8GHz 1.3V 24/7 100% load in a case. The fan profiles are set to keep the CPU temp at about 50C.

Best regards and have fun with your systems

- 68k
Hello EagerToLearn o/

SO far so good.

This is by first AMD system since owning an AND Athlon X2 4400+

Not too experienced in overclocking these Zen things so I'm trying not to pop it.

I have an 8 core Zen 1 7261 (Training wheels) Bigger 7002 later

I run in silent mode mostly and that is the reason for the over sized cooling.
Never use Hivelocity HQ in Tampa .... =( paid them over 30 hours of remove hands and nothing gets done.
krista is actively seeking employment, preferably writing intricate code in c, c++, or assembly for interesting and exotic new hardware.