ZOTAC A75 WiFi [A75ITX-A-E], Mini-ITX, FM1 Mobo

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    The AMD version of the Intel Based D2700
    Now this is much more like it, Intel have shot them selves in the foot with the NM10 chipset.
    The AMD version looks on paper to walk all over the NM10 based board.

    Click for larger image

    Zotac A75 WiFi (click for link)
    8GB DDR3 1866Mhz vs intel's 1066Mhz well done AMD
    2x Gbit LAN, good to see
    8x USB3, this is nice, 2x for the front panel, heavenly
    4x SATA3, SATA3 very nice, 4 ports means you actually do something as a server.
    2x full sized memory slots, doesn't use SODIMMs like Intel version

    No Display port as in D2700 version, not a biggy but nice to have all the same.
    No overclocking, as in reviews on the web
    Price a little on the expensive side, you do pay more for less (space) :)

    With this board you also need to grab a CPU/APU to go with it.
    This unlike the Intel Atoms which come installed on the board from purchase.
    It does allow you to choose a CPU, but does mean an additional cost.

    The Intel based D2700 with a NM10 chipset is basically already obsolete, no need to even look at that setup.
    Intel need to make a Chipset that's current, to go with the Atom CPUs
    SATA3, USB3 are all now becoming too important to ignore.

    I can for see some issues with installing this board into a case and setting it up.
    A board as little as this and with so many features is bound to have the hooking things up to it with big fingers syndrome.

    This is a great little board that should do very nicely for a home server and also as a HTPC
    All in a tiny package with a tonne of features.
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    I was thinking of buying one of these to review. One thing I heard is that there are issues with fan clearances on this with one of the popular mITX cases that is cheap/ re-branded by lots of companies.
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