Yossi Appleboum Disagrees with How Bloomberg is Positioning His Research Against Supermicro

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Patrick Kennedy



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May 23, 2015
Supermicro trades on the OTCBB. No major player even looks at OTCBB.

The only people playing the OTCBB and Pink sheets Wild West are the pajama traders, and they rarely have the ability to short on these exchanges (too expensive and risky).


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Dec 5, 2016
My guess is that the guy that wrote the initial story was scared about directly mentioning some of the big manufacturing players since they should have much better geared legal departments than middle player Supermicro. Basically, they had to mention someone and considered it to be the less risky option, or the one that they had the most objetive proof if they had to get to court. Someone had to take the first hit and most heavy consequences so that the news could get out ASAP, before it would escalate into a "oh, its an industry wide issue" thus diminish its importance (If everyone is affected and there is nowhere to run, all mainstream options are still equal).
Yes, this could also be very convenient for stock price manipulation, but if you remember the hit job that was done to hurt AMD, the execution was totally different (Some "security researcher" posted about AMD issues, then the other news outlets picked the news but referred to it).