Xeons 8461V/6338, EPYC 7R13, AWS Graviton tested by minio on erasure encoding perf

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Nov 7, 2022
interesting, also interesting selection of SKU's on the amd part, I would have expected 75F3 and 7763, not 7r13 (225w tdp) when testing that generation of cpus

They are also mixing in the 8461 intel, which is 4th gen intel, against a 3rd gen amd, here the obvious choice is epyc 9474F for comparison, or 9454P

for power, the high sku intel 8461 is 300w tdp, the dual are 2x205 for 410w.. and the 7R13 at 225W.. so at watt per performance, some of the intel comes in quite bad for performance really

I really wish they would do a proper comparison for stuff like this, Ive always been with intel, but recently become friendly with AMD, for our workloads, and test clusters, and systems deployed to datacenter last 16 months, our AMD 2nd and 3rd gen (and now 4th) has been absolutly crushing our intel stuff :| both performance, and power cost.

We are not that big a company, we have genoa machines in labs. having access to 8461 lab, and not genoa lab is interesting. Not saying Intel sponsored this, but..... yeah :) seems like a showcase to show off some cpu features, more than a comparison.
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Apr 18, 2011
"We are happy to see that Intel improved throughput on their latest platform. We look forward to testing the most recent AMD platform, and we expect its AVX512 and GFNI support to provide a further performance boost."

Yeah they picked up and optimized off an intel specific avx crypto instruction set. Which is why the mid-end Milan fell off in certain test. Though oddly overall smoother performance, less spikey with thread count... Their data is odd.
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