Xeon W - X299 Board - ASUS C422 WS Fan Information


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Jan 3, 2012
Has anyone had success with running a Xeon W on an X299 board? Based on some discussion in the ES Xeon thread it's just a bit that needs flipped in the BIOS?

The reason I ask is because I picked up a cheap (relatively) Xeon W from Ebay and cheap (not relatively) ASUS C422 WS board from Amazon Warehouse. Everything works perfectly, however, the ASUS board has no fan control. It's all handled via IPMI and there seems to be no way to change the fan profiles.

ASUS has a few X299 boards that I'd like to try - the WS X299 PRO/SE appears to be identical in every way to the C422 WS I have - right down to the same IPMI (and fan problems). The only difference is the chipset (X299 vs C422).

The really interesting one is the WS X299 Pro (non-SE). It's the same board but without the IPMI and instead has the traditional QFan/FanXpert system.

The *best* board seems to be the ASUS C422 WS/SAGE, but the price on it is astronomical. It's lacking IPMI so it has the better fan control, but I can't figure out why it's so expensive (PLX switches, maybe??).

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Jan 3, 2012
So, interesting thing just happened... I updated the IPMI firmware in the hopes that something has been upgraded or changed. I didn't have much faith as the update tool said that its version was the same as the one I had installed - only the ASpeed VGA firmware had changed.

When I logged-in to the IPMI it didn't look any different - until I tried Edge..

The settings page in Chrome:


The settings page in Edge:


Where I have two options:


...and choosing Customized gives me:


FAN CURVES!! SWEET, GLORIOUS FAN CURVES!!! Not exactly granular, but good enough!!

So, looks like crisis averted? Still, it would be sweet to have some of the X299 boards available to the Xeon W users.

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Jan 3, 2012
...also I just received this from ASUS support regarding the support question I sent them.

We are very happy to hear from you and appreciate your patronage. From your email, you are asking on how to control the fan of your WS C422 PRO/SE using IPMI. It is our pleasure to answer your questions.

Please follow the steps below to control the fan speed on your server board:See the ipmi command to control PWM FAN:
Please use 05h command to control PWM FAN.

1. All Fan 50% Duty (32h = 50)
ipmitool raw 0x30 0x05 0x01 0x32 0x32 0x32 0x32 0x32 0x00 0x00 0x00

2. Auto Fan mode
ipmitool raw 0x30 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

C422 Fan: 

PWM1 => CPU Fan1,2
PWM2 => PUMP Fan
PWM3 => AIO Fan
PWM4 => Front Fan
PWM5 => Rear Fan
PWM6 => None
PWM7 => None
PWM8 => None

Table 9-13  ASUS OEM Commands
Net Function = OEM(30/31) LUN=0
Code Command
05h Set FAN Duty:

Request Data
Byte 1 – 0x00 Auto Mode, 0x01 Manual Mode
Byte 2 – PWM1 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 3 – PWM2 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 4 – PWM3 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 5 – PWM4 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 6 – PWM5 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 7 – PWM6 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 8 – PWM7 FAN Duty(%)
Byte 9 – PWM8 FAN Duty(%)

Response Data
Byte 1 – Completion Code