X8 FreeNAS upgrade X9/10? or new low power CPU?


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So, I decided my FreeNAS boxes are way, way way too old. They are all X8 era stuff, around 10 years old.

My needs have grown and changed some.

Can something like a Xeon D or Atom3xxx handle a hard FreeNAS box and saturate 10G with ISCSI or NFS?

Im considering something like the 5019D8-TR12P
5019D8-TR12P | SuperStorage | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Its that or I drop in some newer bones and SQ power supplies into my old 846.
I have an X9-DRI-LN4F laying around.
Maybe I buy a New x10 or X11. Is FreeNAS reliable/stable on Epic yet?

OR.... I can use a customer project (fell through with current events) a Dell T340 with an E3-21xx. Its not dual PSU, but it has 8 3.5s and a 5.25 (for 4x 2.5) and duo of PCIE slots for 10GBE and NVMEs.


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Mar 6, 2014
That totally depends on your needs and wants ... i.e. what you want to use it for :)

VMs vs video vs photo vs Plex & al...