X10SLM-LN4F Toubleshooting.


Sep 18, 2011

I recently purchased a Supermicro X10SLM-LN4F and an E3-1220v3 CPU (different sellers).

When plugged in and with validated Kingston ram sticks the board powers on but no video, no USB power (ie. no keyboard lights), no beep codes.

Taking out the ram results in no change (ie. no ram issue beep codes).

The CPU pads and CPU socket both look good. The VGA enable jumper is set. Popping the CMOS battery for a while and then putting it in again result in no change. The IPMI network port seems to connect and the lights blink with data transmission but IPMIView cannot find the IP address on my lan so I suspect it is a fixed IP or not working as expected.

Both vendors have fairly decent feedback scores and one (CPU) I have bought from a number of times with no issues. I have sent a message to the MB vendor.

Anyone else seen this behaviour and any other suggestions on things I could try ?.


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Jan 15, 2017
Should always clean the underside of the CPU with alcohol before using when it's a used CPU.

Also, try using a graphics card if you have a spare one handy. If the IPMI dies on a server board, the onboard VGA also dies, which is a pretty common problem.


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Jan 26, 2014
It may be possible to determine the IP-address of the IPMI by connecting the port to your computer and running something like Wireshark to capture packets coming from it.

You mention that the RAM is validated, do you mean it is on the Supermicro QVL? I am not seeing any Kingston RAM on the supported memory list for that board.

Anyway lack of beepcodes etc. suggests to me that it may be the board.

Have you tried testing any of the individual components elsewhere (if possible of course)?
What about installing a dedicated graphics card in the machine?

Also, this thread may have relevant info for you (there may be a jumper, or soldering done to disable IPMI):


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Aug 16, 2018
Your gonna have to power off and short CMOS jumpers for a couple minutes and not just remove CMOS battery to reset CMOS.

You should also validate the CPU, memory and PSU on another system to eliminate point of failure.

Are you able to power on? If not you could contact support@supermicro.com and go through troubleshooting before doing a RMA for repair (if support so advises).