X10SDV-7TP4F PCIe bifurcation seemingly not working


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Jan 8, 2018
Got a Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2 loaded with two sticks, and the MB BIOS upgarded to 2.0c (latest as of today).
Once booted (and I power cycled two times just in case), lsblk and lspci report this:

nvme0n1        nvme0n1   disk  447.1G SAMSUNG MZ1WV480HCGL-000MV               none                                  
|-nvme0n1p1    nvme0n1p1 part     80G                                          none  zfs_member                      
`-nvme0n1p2    nvme0n1p2 part     30G                                          none  ext4                            
nvme1n1        nvme1n1   disk  894.3G SAMSUNG MZ1LW960HMJP-00003               none  ext4
One of the sticks is not recognized (the secondary 960G stick), the 447G one is installed on the M.2 slot in the MB. I enabled 4x4x for both slots just in case, makes no difference. Is there anything else in the BIOS that should be enabled along the bifurcation setting to support this?

I'm considering filing a ticket with Supermicro to see what they have to say.