WTB: E5-2400 v2 cpu


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Dec 16, 2015
Hi. Just found STH and these forums recently as I was researching motherboards for e5-2430 v2 and E3-1200V3 processors. Very useful site. I have a custom computer based on a PICMG 1.3 formfactor host board with 2x E5-2430v2 and 6x 4G ECC. Also have 3x PICMG host boards with E3-1275 v3. All have less than 300 power on hours. This form factor will not work for us, so I have to dispose of them. I bought a Supermicro ATX motherboard for one of the e3's (based on STH reviews), and am deciding if I want to get an ATX motherboard for the e5's. I need the speed for Sony Vegas Video, Handbrake and Blender -- the 1275v3 is probably good enough. I did a Passmark run on the e5 setup recently and can send you a copy of the results or run a different Windows utility/app on it if you want to see that it is as stated and working. I can't boot into linux yet because I get USB overcurrent errors that are stopping the installation. I can sell you the e5-2430v2 PICMG board with both processors installed and heatsink installed. With or without the RAM. Offer here or PM for the 2x processors (and RAM if you want) and no value for the PICMG board or heatsink. The PICMG board with processors and heatsink will be securely packaged and shipped from the SanJose/SanFrancisco CA area.