Canada WTB: ConnectX-3 dual-port, 96GB+24GB DDR3 ECC REG, HP GL360 G6 2.5" blankers, C6100 empty chassis


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Nov 24, 2013
Burlington, ON, CANADA
Hello all! I'm looking for a couple parts to get my 3rd HP Proliant D360 G6 system up to snuff and to get my testing cluster off the ground. Specifically:

* 1x Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual-port 10GbE card (MCX312A-XCBT specifically) - might be interested in 2 for the right price.
* 4x HP Proliant 2.5" HDD blankers (the black, "squeeze-to-remove" ones).
* 96GB of DDR3 ECC REG memory, 1333 MHz or better, in (12x) 8GB DIMMs. HP-branded is a plus but any Hynix will match what I've already got. I'm not particular about the DIMM size - whichever costs less/GB ;-)
* 24GB of DDR3 ECC REG memory, 1333 MHz or better, in 4GB DIMMs. Any brand is fine, for C6100 nodes.

I'm also potentially interested in an empty C6100 chassis if anyone has one kicking around for relatively cheap and/or locally (around Toronto, ON) - I have a bunch of spare nodes but no chassis for them, and a testing cluster would be a great addition!

I'll entertain any reasonable offers for any part! I have (verified) PayPal for payment. Please include shipping to L7M1P7, Burlington, Ontario, Canada in any prices if at all possible!

Edit: Looking specifically for 8GB DIMMS for compatibility.
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