WTB: 1 or 2 Supermicro 4U 24-Bay Chassis (SATA) for SAN/NAS (USA-NoVA)


Dec 27, 2014
I'm looking to pick up a 24-bay Supericro chassis, maybe two, for myself and a friend. I'm located in Northern Virginia, so if there's anything local that'd be ideal. Before I start looking on ebay I figured I'd check here first. Some specifics on what I'm looking for:
  1. Already have a Supermicro uATX board (X10SL7-F) and one HBA. Don't need a Mobo/CPU/RAM.
  2. Want a chassis with (relatively) quiet power supplies - server will be in a basement room that gets some use, but silence is not necessary
  3. Backplane I need to support more than a single SAS cable for bandwith. I think that means I'm limited to the "BPN-SAS-846A" backplane. I'd rather not have individual SATA cables like the TQ backplane needs.
  4. Would need drive sleds and rails
Figure this is a common setup that many are running, so any feedback you have on what else I should look at please let me know!
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