Wipe the config on LB6M and LB8 Quanta Switches

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Michael Biglen

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Aug 16, 2016
Frderick, CO
Michael Biglen submitted a new resource:

Wipe the config on LB6M and LB8 Quanta Switches - default, config reset Quanta LB6M and LB8

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Wiping the config setting to get the Quanta Switches back to default is rather easy if you have experience with Putty, if not, it is still a fairly simple task.
To start off get a computer with a serial port, weather it be a USB-Serial or a build in.
Open a terminal emulator of your choice. I used Putty.
Plug the console cable into the console port on the Quanta Switch and to your serial port.
In your term software select to connect to the serial port on which ever COM it is using....
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