Windows Switch Embedded Teaming Sucks!

Discussion in 'Windows Server, Hyper-V Virtualization' started by Dreece, Feb 27, 2019.

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    Well at least it does when I use it with a Chelsio T520-CR adapter card....

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? maybe I'm not? doesn't it just drive you nuts when you scour Google like a madman looking for a needle in a bovine-wastestack of outdated articles... and not even one technical article comes up showing *your* piece of hardware in a nice tutorial... well I mean I found this Mellanox one >

    ...but Chelsio is not Mellanox... that much is obvious.

    Effectively SMB/CIF speed is riding a virtual throttle of sorts... well that is what appears to be happening... from 150mb/s to 350mb/s, can easily see the transfer speed chart drawing hills... this virtual switch is also providing SR-IOV support to 8 VMs who are all showing an SR-IOV status of active. At least SR-IOV RDMA appears to be functioning correctly across guests as well as host - but the throttled speed is a real bummer of sorts.

    It is at this point that I realise I have wasted too much time on this already so I must just go back to basics and use a pNic outside of Windows new wonder-feature of 'virtual switch embedded teaming'....

    and wow, without any additional software wrapping its dirty claws around the hardware bar the driver, it just works... 1.15gb/s....

    so my question, or my dilemma, have any other STH'ers come across this 'issue', or is it just a case of me and fate...
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