Why Seagate Barracuda Pro is more expensive than Seagate Exos 7E8 enterprise HDD?


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Jul 24, 2016
I was looking for some RAID1 pair of HDDs for my workstation since one of my old drives died and since drives were 10 years old I decided it makes more sense to just buy new pair of disks than to rebuild array to new drive with years-ahead specs comparing to second drive in RAID.

I decided to go bold this time and invest in top-of-the line HDDs but to my surprise... It's not actually as simple as it sounds... I checked pricing of Seagate hi-end HDDs and here are my results (incl. 23% tax):

ST4000NE001 (IronWolf Pro 4TB) : 195$
ST4000NM000A (Exos 7E8 4TB SATA) : 205$
ST4000DM006 (Barracuda Pro 4TB) : 217$

So apparently Barracuda Pro which seems to be just daily driver desktop HDD is significantly more expensive than dedicated NAS drive and even top-of-the-line enterprise drive??? When I check other shops price differences go even more hardcore eg on newegg there's like 30$ difference between Barracuda Pro and Exos (40$ between Barracuda Pro and Ironwolf Pro). It's pretty crazy. Is there any reason why Barracuda Pro is so hilariously expensive comparing to meant-to-be-server drives?

My blind guess is that Barracuda maybe have more complex electronics to provide better error correction and more failsafes since it kinda can't just randomly die without consequences (unlike IronWolf and Exos which actually are supposed to just die rather than try to fix errors with mixed results) but I don't know if this theory makes much sense tbh.

Any ideas what's going on here? I'm really puzzled as to which ones should I get for workstation DAS software (btrfs) RAID1 :/


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Mar 18, 2016
My guess is that Barracuda is a known brand, I remember reading about them in different magazines back in 2004.
IronWolf and Exos are relatively new.