Why is a Celestica switch listed in an Arista Mib?

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Rand__, Jun 17, 2019.

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    So I am still looking for Nics for my DX010s ...

    browsing the web and i found this reference in the Arista MIB

    "Revised to include Seastone-DX010"
    -- DX010 32x100GbE (QSFP28) Switch
    aristaDX010 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { aristaProducts 2966 2097 10 }

    That looks like there might be a Arista Product that is identical to the DX010 ...?
    O/c couldn't find anything on "2966 2097 10", and the only close switch I could find was the 7170-32C which has a few minor changes (dual sfp+ instead of 1g)

    Celestica DX010 32 Port 100G QSFP28 OcNOS TOR Switch R0872-F0015-01 *NOSW* | eBay
    current auction with a pic of the DX010 just for comparison
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