Who here know more about HP, IBM Blade Server System?

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Feb 18, 2020
I got an HP Blade Server from a friend of mine a while ago and I dont use them since I had nothing who I need for more CPU Power.
So I was looking for a Server Rack and found afiew Meter away from my House a Company who offert beside of the Server Rack a "free" IBM Blade Chassis and a HP Blade Chassis to. So now I have 2 HP Chassis + Server at Home good as spare...
Next to me now I have 10 Blade Server with 2 different CPUs one is a Xeon the other some AMD. I guess 2 or so.
Well it seem a former IT Admin take quite all Ram out of them so I will to replace them. Some machines have a "missing" CPU with a Cover.
The AMD CPU Cooler look like that:

Its possible to transplant a CPU from the other AMD Blade with the CPU Cooler in the Link into the Server to have 2x AMD?
Sure I would need Ram to. It seem that Ram get cheaper.

Can I use "normal" consumer 2,5" SSDs in the "old" Blade Server? Sorry I dont have power the Blade Up and cant say that kind of CPU the use.

For the IBM Bladeserver + Chassis I dont have any Information since I need to remount them into the Rack (who is not in my Office currently do to the Bulkiness).

Jason Antes

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Feb 28, 2020
Twin Cities
The CPU's aren't really "missing" the CPU if it has a cover and Socket 1 is populated. To answer whether you could take the CPU and heatsink from a blade server and put it in another one to make a 2 socket system, it depends on 2 things: 1) The heatsink for socket 2 is the same as socket 1 and 2) the CPU's are the same. I believe the answer to #1 is yes from what I can tell.


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Nov 23, 2020
We use HP blades exclusively - just about to throw out 20 Gen7 BL460c and 10 Gen8's - we don't use the AMD version so my findings may not 100% match.

There are two banks of memory - one per CPU so if you fit the second CPU you'll have to match the ram in both banks.

If you locate a matching CPU (ie take it from an identical blade) and fit it into socket #2 it'll work as a dual cpu blade.

I'll check the heatsinks next time I'm on site - but I'm pretty sure they are identical for both CPU's.

If you use non-HP ram or disks the BMC sometimes throws a fit and can cause the fans to ramp up or for the blade to become "Throttled".

Bigger problem with HP chassis is using VCEM to manage the profiles in a home environment (as the VC modules are presented as virtual networks/san ports).

Ram is PC3-10600R or PC3L-10600R - faster CPU's use 12800R - older Gen7's I've found with 8500R installed.

I have about 3Tb worth of 8Gb sticks in boxes at work we stripped out of servers before scrapping them - we don't bother anymore as G9's and newer take DDR4. I've just thrown away 100 * 4Gb sticks of Dell/HP server ram - if you need 1Gb HP SFP's I have loads as we've upgraded all our chassis to 10Gb.

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Feb 18, 2020
Thanks for replay I need to see what I got. I have yesterday picked up remaining Server Rack.
So I need so assembly everything together.