Where are the half-rack server cases?


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Apr 16, 2021
Yes. I understand that even with an ITX case managing to shoehorn a computer into a 9.5 inch width is difficult. But impossible? Many cases fail by a fraction of an inch and just a slight redesign would suffice to make them reack mountable. Surprisingly, the tinyminimicros are too wide.Some of the shoebox designs such as Fractal Core 500 would only work if rotated 90 degrees. The SIlverstone Sugo14 comes close.

I just cant help thinking that reversing the flow and designing a case so that the front is the back would result in a case better suited for living in a small rack. And a 5.25 external bay would be nice.

Kal G

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Oct 29, 2014
iDOTpc's Half-U cases might work for you. 8.56" wide and available sizes of 1U to 3U. I use a modified version of the ITS-2814 for my lab servers.