Where are all the motherboard reviews?!?!

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Dec 21, 2010
I would wager that some folks are wondering where all of the new LGA2011-3 motherboard reviews were.

A few bits. First, I have been extremely busy over the past two weeks. Strapped on time.

On the review front, I have found a few issues (e.g. CentOS not booting from one vendor's motherboards and ESXi not booting from another vendor's) that I reported and am awaiting the fix.

I have a fair amount of UP and DP Xeon E5 V3 motherboards in the lab to test and will get a few Supermicro motherboards next week to add to the stack.

Also - next week I have the first Intel Atom C2000 series motherboard that I have been extremely excited to test in awhile arriving. It is Supermicro. It is not on their site. It is mATX and does have 4x full DDR3 slots. Other details are forthcoming.

On the site front, Linux-Bench's DB got nuked. Web parser got a major fix. Just last evening we merged the change that will fix an extremely hard to find 500 error we were getting when sending results to the parser. Hopefully the RESTful API will be soon so you can do something like: "http://linux-bench.com/results/12345678" and directly share and link results.

Worry not, reviews are coming!
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