what type of psu cable do i need please help

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    ok so i recently picked up a used dell poweredge R610 it came with 2 507 watt redundant power supplies now i know i need 2 ac cables like the one in the pic my problem is i only have 3 all 3 of them are lavel as 120volt 10amp and the cord the connects the two plug ends is pretty thing not uber thin but deff not super thick i dont wanna power on the server without checking in first if you look at the cables in the pix below you can seer one is this thats an example of how thin mine are if i go to my local pc parts store what do i ask for so i make sure i buy the proper cable's
    s-l300.jpg power-cable.jpg
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    If they are actually rated at 10A, and they are genuine, you'll be fine using them. Otherwise, you are looking for IEC C13 10A Mains cables, or Mains couplers, depending on who you speak to :)
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    What is the problem here?
    It looks like a standard pc power cables.

    They will work for anything.
    Yes usually servers come with a thicker cables. But regular pc cables will work too providing you are not running 24/7/365.
    If this an always on machines I would run then with what you have but look for a proper server grade cables to Repalce.

    You can set all up and run it with this. But for allways on setup regular thin cables might get hot. So do what you need now but plan to search for a proper server grade cables.
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