What is cross connect?


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Jun 19, 2013
I didn't say 100% of everything..i said 100% of whats in the video...and i am not joking about that.
I didn't think you were joking, but I think you're incorrect about understanding 100% of what's in that video; judging by the questions you've asked before and after the video.

The part i wanted to understand is how does cable pass across the sea? I mean thats the part i am not sure of. I mean how long will this cable be
Don't take anything for granted. There is no Skynet that produces robots to build things that serves us. Every inch of internet coverage (and interconnectivity) in this world has been designed, invested on and implemented by some entity (gov't, companies, schools, etc).

So how does a cable pass across the sea? Laid by specially designed ships and for as long as it takes to cross the ocean.

You CAN google to learn all these if you want very easily btw.

and which company run cables under the sea? Also i have heard about not only cable that sometimes...through satellite and to my surprise which was the answer i was waiting for...no one mentioned "Oh you know what sometimes not physical cable but sometimes using satellite"...but no...no one brought that up..so that is just the part i wanted to understand..i know lots about peering and exchange points..and pop locations..already
A). There are more 'medias' than just CABLE and SATELLITES. If this is what you were interested in, then it was not apparent. (ps: Not knowing what to ask is a sign of not understanding the breadth of the topic that you're entering. So you'd better be off not assuming that you understand 100% of anything. I don't.)

B). I don't understand how you're still asking about 'a scenario when it's not connected point to point' when you know 'lots about peering and exchange points'.