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Discussion in 'Processors and Motherboards' started by mrHaBa, Jun 13, 2018.

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    The SM A1SRi-2358F has a C2358 in it. But of course beware the C2000 hardware bug.

    Whilst it's still a capable enough chip, don't use the J1900 if you're planning on using pfsense - it doesn't support AES-NI and pfsense are planning on dropping support for non-AES-NI chips in the upcoming versions. If you're rolling your own firewall (e.g. some linux box) it shouldn't be an issue, assuming you're not going to be wanting to route huge amount of traffic (encrypted or otherwise).
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    I'm using the slightly slower N2930 for a 5 legged firewall. 3 legs are 1Gbps, including my gigabit fiber link to the internet, the other 2 are a) to my WiFi/AC access point and b) a 2nd internet connection using a slower cable modem. I have no problems streaming 1080p content to all my TVs via WiFi and LAN across the firewall from my PLEX server on the internal LAN while downloading ISO images off the internet at 100MByte/sec. I've VPNed to this box from outside to stream videos to my phone to show family members videos of the kids on my PLEX server. I monitor the load on this box and for the couple of years that it's been up, I've never once gotten even a warning alert that load was high. So, yes, it doesn't support AES-NI, and it's slow CPU, but it consumes like 12-15W (has SSD for caching content with my transparent proxy cache - which is mostly useless these days with everything going HTTPS), and it sure seems like it is enough. I don't use pfsense; just a customized linux distro geared for use as a network appliance.
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