Weird functionality of RS2WC040 RAID board

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    My name is Jan and I have tampered with small servers for a few years, configuring small Intel, DELL, HP servers.

    This particular one is an old server, Intel based, it has RS2WC040 RAID board with 3 70Gb SAS SCSI HDDs Seagate 15.5K rpm in RAID5. On this RAID5 there is a Windows Server 2003 installed.

    In the Ctrl+G menu I see the Virtual Drive but it's offline with HDD0 not present/recognised and HDD2 Failed. The only HDD in the green is HDD1 as presented in photo.

    I checked and HDD0 is spinning, I ejected it and mounted in bay 4 checking cabling and although it is powered it does not get recognised.

    From my understanding having a RAID5 with 2 drives failed results in total LOSS... yet I would like to give it a shot to try and recover data but I am willing to wait for proper instructions is any, before attempting other tries. 20181124_181954.jpg

    Thank you in advance, Jan.

    P.S.: is there a professional recovery service to recover data from these drives and actually get the setup in a working order to have data saved ?
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