WD/Tegile developing a proprietary ZFS solution?

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    Nov 25, 2012
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    so while researching jobs in the London area I came across this:

    Technologist, Sustaining Engineering - Tegile - Surrey - Indeed.co.uk

    Interesting point is this:

    Tegile is looking for a Kernel hacker with User space experience who is interested in joining a fastgrowing company building next-generation storage.
    you will be part of a talented group of engineers in a very open and transparent environment
    • Our product is based on a very highly customized version of ZFS, we have solved the challenges of deduplication and made great strides in caching algorithms making them effective and our product stand out”
    Interesting I think. Maybe they fixed the huge Ram cost of dedup?
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    At least mill NOK job in Norway with such a requirements & skill set.
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