[WB] Brocade ICX6450 rack ears


Jun 28, 2020
At long last I closed a 6450-48P :)
If anyone has a set of spare rack ears I would be happy to take them of your hands.

Will also need 3x10G RJ45 transceivers but less urgent as I should be able to source those from some online vendor.
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Jason Antes

Feb 28, 2020
Twin Cities
After a bit of googling, it looks like maybe the 6610 2 post ears would work on the 6450. Problem that I see is that the 6610 ears are longer by 2/3's than those for the 6450 and would cover the side vent (6610's have the vent up front on the side right next to the ports). I could measure/take pictures but I'm guessing that even if they do fit you'd want to cut them down to prevent them from covering up the vent.

6450 ears

This listing has a side shot of the 6610 with rack ear on it:
6610 ears

On a side note, I could apparently sell the 2 post ear kits for the 6610's I have for a small fortune as no one seems to have them anywhere for less than $70+ shipping. Brand new in the wrap still. lol