VMware Xeon W-2145 support

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    Thinking of building a SMB server using the Skylake based Xeon Workstation chips. So the Xeon W-2145 8C chip.

    Application is going to be a small number of users on an app that isn't particularly well setup for threading. So it's one of those old style apps that doesn't respond well to increasing the core count.

    Pretty high speed for single thread and higher speed storage is the way to make it faster until the developer learns how to code for multi core modern systems.

    So I'm look at the Xeon W chips. The ECC memory support is useful. 8 memory slots and The dual onboard m.2 slots with the VROC on cpu NVME raid support should keep costs down.
    Either build with Supermicro X11SRA-RF board or a Lenovo P520 workstation might work. (But Supermicro has the better for server use IPMI vs V-Pro)

    I'm ok going a little outside the supported config if it's known to work so I do not see the Xeon W officially supported by ESX but has anyone tried it? Did it work, glitches etc?
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    I don't think it's officially supported but I would be shocked if it didn't work with 6.5u1 or 6.7. It is a Skylake Xeon and the systems that use them all have Intel nics
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