Vegas - WTB another small pfsense appliance


Aug 5, 2015
I am going to be in the Vegas area this week visiting family and would like to set them up with a pfsense box. I previously bought an 8-core Supermicro rangely system from another user and it's great but even that might be overkill.

Would anyone in Vegas happen to have a small 2/4 core box for sale? Doesn't have to be rack mount. Even something like the Netgate 2220 would be perfect.

I'm also open to suggestions for an Amazon Prime box I could buy and have shipped quick. I've seen some $300ish boxes that could work.

Thanks everyone!


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May 10, 2016
Columbus, OH
There're also various versions of those Celeron J1900 (quad core) and J1800 (dual core) scattered on Ebay in various configurations.


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I got that one in my cart. Definitely looks promising. Anyone got any experience with it, as far as reliability? It's my top contender at the moment.
I have 10-15 deployed with my clients, no failures yet.

The very first one I ordered is still running at my house.

They have no name SSD's but crucial ram.

Only thing I dont like about them is the power button sticks out JUST enough that someone careless might bump it.
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Awesome. Thanks for the info.

The thermals of that box are fine, and If you dont bother to open it, you'll be fine.

But I dont like the thermal pads they ship with... I've replaced them all.

The factory pads are those chunky/crumbly thermals things, In my head the softer flexibles ones work better.

Also they use that watery white thermal crap, get something else. BQLZR 15x15x1mm Soft Thermal Conductive Pads Heatsink IC Chipset Northbridge Pack Of 16: Computers & Accessories Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 2.7g Premium High Density Thermal Cooling Compound Retail (CMQ2-2.7G): Computers & Accessories