Updated IPMI firmware X9-SCMf -> ESXi acting flaky


May 6, 2011
Niagara Falls, Canada
Firmware update from 1.01 to 3.88 for supermicro X9-SCM-F.

ESXi IP address behaves strange. It worked for a short while then disappeared. Temporarily changed from x.x.x.21 to x.x.x.22 and it worked for a few minutes.

Pinged x.x.x.21 and ping is reporting it is trying to ping x.x.x.195 !!?? What? I have DHCP only for IP range x.x.x.200 - x.x.x.254

IPMI fixed address is x.x.x.20, it works reliably.
Nothing in IPMI log

EDIT3: I did reset network for ESXi (v5.0). I can ping out from ESXi, but not into. Ping redirects to x.x.x.195

Any ideas what happened? Thanks

EDIT: Also 2nd server did the same (same hardware). IPMI IP should be static x.x.x.28 but instead I find it at x.x.x.194 ?? Trying to figure it out now
EDIT2: 2nd server fixed. nevermind.
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