Unifi Switch Disabled It's Own Port?


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Nov 27, 2016
Last night I was doing a lot of testing of my 2 Unifi AP's in anticipation of replacing them with some Ruckus AP's I wanted to know the before/after for speed, signal strength, latency, etc.

Part of that testing was turning off all the AP radios except one so that I was only testing one radio on one AP at a given time.

I spent like 2 hours doing this.

Just as I got done and was going to bed I went and turned all the radios back on and went into normal operation. Suddenly my AP and Switch in the back of the house were no longer reachable. The were down in the Unifi interface and I could not ping them.

I spent the last hour trying to narrow down each and every possible place where it "broke" from the wires themselves, to my core switch.

After testing wires, core switch, local connection, power off/on, etc etc the only thing left was a bad port on the switch (the uplink back to the core) I moved it one port over and LIFE! it came back up.

Figured it somehow someway died, but it died at such a coincidental time (pushing configuration change to the AP) that it didn't seem like a coincidence.

Now back online I got into Unifi and see all the ports reporting fine, nothing disabled. I then double, and triple checked to make sure I am not insane. Just for the hell of it I make a configuration change to the switch and send it off.

Suddenly after doing this I go back and that switch port that was never disabled is now working again.

So how in the heck did this happen? I was sending configuration changes to my AP, and it disabled a switch port, and even after doing so it never reported that port as disabled.

Has anybody else ever seen or heard of something like this?