Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch lite 24/48 ports (no PoE)


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Jan 26, 2014
So I just noticed that Ubiquiti has released some new 24/48 port switches that appear to be based on their existing EdgeSwitches line, but without the PoE. The product line is called EdgeSwitch Lite.

The 24 port + 2 SFP is fanless and has a MSRP of 215$
The 48 port + 2 SFP + 2 SFP+ has a MSRP of 415$

As the other products in the EdgeSwitch line, Ubiquiti claims that the switches support layer 3 operation, but
I don't see any specific mention of its actual performance. If it is as performant as the Mikrotik CRS125/CSR226's in that aspect, they really shouldn't bother mentioning it. On the other hand if they used something more performant it might actually be usable as a L3 switch, which I think it pretty cool for a 215/415$ switch.