U.2 nvme to pcie adapter


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Apr 6, 2022
Hi everyone,

I found a cheap used EPYC Rome cpu around which I'd like to build a homeserver. It will be way too powerful for what I'm using my homeserver right now but I'm looking forward to having a nice new toy to learn more about server hardware and applications.

I'd like to use a Samsung PM9A3 U.2 SSD as VM storage and am unsure about how to connect the drive to my supermicro H12SSL-i. I understand I could buy the following cable CBL-SAST-0953 and connect two U.2 drives to the SlimSAS 8x port. However, since I have so many pcie slots I'd rather avoid the cables and connect the drive with a pcie adapter card and found this Delock PCI Express x4 Card to 1 x internal U.3.

Would that adapter work? Does anyone have any experience with such adapters? Do I have to expect compatibility problems (I'm planning to run proxmox ve on the server)?

Thanks in advance for your help


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May 29, 2020
I've run a similar style adapter (startech) for a short time with an Intel u.2 drive. I don't remember the model, p4500 most likely.
It never gave me any issues being recognized in windows 10 pro or Ubuntu. FWIW...
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