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    Operating System/ Storage Platform: None at the moment
    CPU: AMD Opteron 6172
    Motherboard: TYAN S8236
    Chassis: None
    Drives: None at the moment
    RAM: 2*4GB 2R*4 PC3 1000R Samsung
    Add-in Cards: None
    Power Supply: Regular ATX modified for the motherboards requirements.
    Other Bits: NO

    Usage Profile: Fun

    Hello. I have a TYAN S8236 server main-board which I would like to play around with.
    I have it connected to a power-supply I modified myself to meet its requirements.
    I have two green led's showing up, as shown on the pdf file attached. Grenn light.....
    The pins 11 and 13 on the "front-panel connector" are jumped as shown on the pdf file attached, jumper.pdf.
    According to the manual, a section of it is attached as Front panel Connector....pdf

    Does anybody have an idea about where I fail.



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