TPM model help for Supermicro X11 board


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Sep 20, 2019
Supermicro's TPM models are confusing. Their web page says one thing. Their user manuals say another thing. The FAQs say another thing.

I would like to get a TPM 2.0 device for my X11SCH-LN4F board with a Xeon E-2288G CPU.

Known options:
* AOM-TPM-9670H or AOM-TPM-9670V ($47)
* AOM-TPM-9670H-S or AOM-TPM-9670V-S ($60)

The '-S' models are supposedly "Server" provisioned while the models with -S are not... or they maybe "Client" provisioned? I have no idea. Does anyone?

Supermicro's web page says the 9670 (or -S) will work in any X11 mobo.

Supermicro's user manual for the TPM says the TPM will only work in a dual socket or single "socket 3647 only" and that you must provision the TPM with Intel's UEFI provisioning tool (and no one offers this tool to download).

Supermicro's FAQ for one X11 board says to use the 9670 (without -S) and another FAQ for the integrated Xeon D says to use the one with -S. There are also FAQ entries that say you do NOT have to use the provisioning tool as the UEFI does it for you.

Which model should I buy? Do I need the provisioning tool?


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May 7, 2019
I went with the AOM-TPM-9670V-S on my X11SCH-LN4F with E-2176G on my w2019 server build and it worked right out of the box, no provisioning required.