Topton 4x2.5G/2x10G firewall box with unexpected i7-10810U inside

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Feb 28, 2015
Hi all, been a lurker of STH forever but I finally had something I thought worth sharing.

Based on the review of the recent Topton firewall mini-pcs, the version with the 4x2.5G and 2x10G interfaces caught my eye, so I went over to AliExperss and ordered one. I didn't "need" the i7 10510U version but I figured for the extra few bucks why not. A few days after the order was placed Topton sent me a message saying the i7 version was sold out and if it was ok if I got an i5 and a refund for the difference. I said sure. A couple of days pass and a box from Topton shows up, but no refund. I open it up and turn it on and check it, and it has 6 cores when I was expecting 4. Sure enough the thing has an i7-10810U in it which wasn't even an option!

So that was kind of interesting. But I did notice during testing that it seemed really sluggish. Checking the clocks I saw it only ever made it up to 1.6G, quite a bit shy of the max 4.9. In the BIOS I notice that turbo mode is disabled. So I enabled it, and while booting Linux it'd just spontaneously reboot. I had a feeling that might happen. So back into the BIOS I go, and turn of HyperThreading. Then the machine booted and remained stable during testing, and I saw some turbo moments past 4G. I'm pretty happy with this, as 6 full cores seems better to me than 8 HT ones, even if I really don't need the overhead.

One thing I wanted to ask was about the benchmark and testing that STH uses. I like whatever it is that looks like DOS text-mode graphs. What is that?

Thanks all!
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