Too many places to comment on posts?


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Feb 25, 2021

Just an observation that there are multiple places to comment on STH posts, and many don't garner replies?

The least effective appears to be the "STH Main Site Posts" section on the forum?
Sometimes a discussion gets going on comments below articles on the main site, though STH rarely replies?
Youtube seems to be the most popular (in number of comments at least), with reliable replies from STH for the first day or so?

I don't know the answer, but personally prefer not to comment on Youtube, and think a good discussion can add a lot to complex topics.

Thanks, Y
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Dec 21, 2010
What is interesting is that the comment rate is different on different platforms. We can have 50,000 folks read a main site article and get 2-3 comments. 50,000 YT views will be hundreds of comments. Still we do not do anywhere near as much YT content ad main site content.

Turning off comments on the main site would make it faster, but I somewhat like having the feature.


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Nov 10, 2015
I am likely an outlier here, but I do read articles which interest me that are posted to the STH Main Site Forum, and also watch any accompanying YT videos when they are linked in the post. I don't by any means watch or read them all, only those that pique my interest, but I have learned lots of little things from the various articles. I am more likely to just place a like on it, rather than comment, as I feel that comments should be kept to a minimum in there, in order that it's easier to just scroll and find articles that interest you, or that you want to revisit for a second reading etc. If there were pages of comments after each post, that's a lot to wade through just to get to what you are looking for. Yes, searches can be performed etc, but to me at least, it just feels much more natural to browse, scroll and meander. I rarely comment on YT, no matter the subject :)
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