The QNAP TVS-473e (or what I wished the HP Microserver G10 would be)


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Jun 10, 2018
So yeah, just saw the QNAP TVS-473e at B&H Photo & Video's megastore in Midtown Manhattan -

Almost the same CPU as the HP t730/DFI DT122E (RX421BD versus RX427BB, so slightly more powerful), quad bays, 2 PCIe slots, and it can do transcoding. BYOD configuration quotes for about 825 or so.

Seriously, this thing looks the HP Microserver G10 seem weak by comparison, even if the base configuration quotes for about 650 USD from HPe for the X3418 model (note: newegg has the X3421 barebones for about 400 USD)

@Patrick any chance you can reach out to QNAP for a review unit? Would be nice to see how it stacks up against the MSG10...

Update: Oh, whoops. Already done.
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Mar 2, 2019
QNAP TVS-473e - I've bought exact same model for a client of mine. Replaced the older QNAP model.
Loved the migration path - just swap the drives.
That's it.